c1SCOPS : Scottish Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance

For the last few years, I have assisted the campaigning work of SCOPSCurrently, we are campaigning for a public inquiry into the role of undercover political police in Scotland.

You can read all about the background to this campaign, and the Mitting Inquiry in the COPS website. Guardian investigative journalist Rob Evans has written extensively about spycops. The Ferret has covered events in Scotland. Undercover Research Group have uncovered a great deal of information about spycops.

My own articles about spycops have appeared in Bella CaledoniaThe Socialist, the COPS website, and in  The Point. I’ve also written in this Blog about these issues, including here. Other media have interviewed me about these issues.

The current Inquiry into Undercover Policing, which is limited to England and Wales, has it’s own website.